Character Building

Character Building

Character development begins at home and continues at school. As a parent, ensuring that your child receives sound education, is an important consideration, and, having teachers and staff who puts character building a top priority in the school is critical. SEEDS mission is to instil values in the children we care for, to ensure that they grow up with sound character. Our teachers are dedicated in making sure a child learns right from wrong, and be responsible for their actions. After all, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Our teachers are trained to use clear and distinct language, and to also pay close attention to what a child sees or hear.

Motor skills

Motor skills

A child goes through several development stages. This involves learning and mastering skills like sitting, crawling, walking, talking, hopping and tying shoes. These skills are called development milestones and are achieved during different periods in their formative years. Children develop in five different areas: 1. Cognitive Development This is when the child learns to solve problems or make decisions. For example, when a five-year-old learns how to do simple math problems or when a baby explores nature with his senses. 2. Social and Emotional Development This is the child’s ability to interact with others, including helping themselves and having self-control. Examples of this type of development would include: a six-week-old baby smiling, a ten-month-old baby waving bye-bye, or a five-year-old boy knowing how to take turns in games at school. 3. Speech and Language Development When a child is ready, he or she will begin forming words and speaking. This includes a 12-month-old baby saying his first words, a two-year-old naming parts of her body, or a five-year-old differentiating between “feet” instead of “foots”. 4. Fine Motor Skill Development This refers to hand-eye coordination and the child’s ability to use small muscles. This is especially when a child uses their hands and fingers, to pick up small objects, hold a spoon, turn pages in a book or use a crayon to draw. 5. Gross Motor Skill Development An extension to fine motor skills is a child’s ability to use large muscles. For example, a six-month-old baby learns how to sit up with some support, a 12-month-old baby learns to pull himself up by holding onto a furniture or when a five-year-old learns to skip.  



When a child reads well, and begins at an early stage – he is destined for success, both personally and academically. Every parent – Reading to your children is crucial and you should find every possible time to read together with them daily. A child has a better capacity to absorb stories, facts and details at a younger age than when they reach their teens. You will be surprised at how creative you can be at finding time to read aloud to your child. Read while waiting to see the doctor, while waiting for the waiter to serve your meal, waiting in line at the store, or cooking dinner. Instead of watching the news, turn off the TV and read aloud. You can read aloud in the morning before school and, of course, at bedtime. Read a story aloud while waiting for the bus or train or once aboard. Make tapes of yourself or another family member reading stories and play them in the car on the way to school or daycare. Here at SEEDS, we instill creative reading at an early stage. This is accompanied by story telling sessions accompanied with sound effects, question and answers and probing. We strive to instill the habit and love of reading to our children.



We’ve heard the phrase – ‘play is a child’s work’, how true. Play is crucial for a child’s emotional, social and physical development. A child plays to explore his/her. Through play, a child builds confidence in his/her growing up years. During play a child will exercise key skills and qualities, find independence, enjoy creativity, grow curious, and develop problem-solving skills. It is an important place to explore feelings and values, and, develop social skills. At SEEDS, we ensure that your child has adequate play time and at the same time, is being educated through play.    

Discovery – SUPERHERO Holiday Camp

Dear Parents

Not sure what to do for the coming  year-end holidays?

Is your child 6-9 years old, waiting to be a Superhero??

No fear!  join the

SEEDS – Discovery SUPERHERO Holiday Camp.

Happening on 19th Nov to 23rd  Nov 2012,  from 9.00 am to 12.30pm.

See your heros being developed at SEEDS Ara Center. P

lease contact the Princpal, Ms Theresa, for the registration forms.

Thank you.


Oct 22 2012

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