Character Building

Character Building

Character development begins at home and continues at school. As a parent, ensuring that your child receives sound education, is an important consideration, and, having teachers and...

Motor skills

Motor skills

A child goes through several development stages. This involves learning and mastering skills like sitting, crawling, walking, talking, hopping and tying shoes. These skills are called...



When a child reads well, and begins at an early stage – he is destined for success, both personally and academically. Every parent – Reading to your children is crucial and...



We’ve heard the phrase – ‘play is a child’s work’, how true. Play is crucial for a child’s emotional, social and physical development. A child plays to explore his/her....

Our Service

At SEEDS, we specialize in teaching and nurturing toddlers from ages of 1.5 years old upwards. For those 7 years old (Standard 1) and above, we offer tuition classes, e-learning and day care services.

Nursery (1½ to 3 years)

We help to develop sensory, intellectual and social skills through activity learning and play using Montessori concept.

Pre-school (3 to 6 years)

We provide fun, exciting and hands on activities, multi-media experiences using themes and seek to teach at least three languages at your child’s own pace. We also conduct practical hands on approach to science and technology. During this phase, we strive to pave a successful transition for your child to primary education.

Before and after school care (7 years and above)

We provide a comfortable, homely environment to study, relax and prepare for before and after school. Experience teachers will also assist with homework.

Tuition (7 years and above)

Encouraging technology usage the children can perform additional work through interactive multi-media programme while parents receive progress reports even while at work.

Extra curicullar activities

Extracurricular activities enable the child to apply what he learns in the school to his everyday living. The child is outside of his normal environment where he will experience nature, learn new things and explore more than what the books will teach. This includes trips to the zoo, bakery or even a ride on the LRT.

School holiday programs

Knowing how important is to keep the children occupied even during school holidays, SEEDS conducts themed school holiday programs. These programs allow the children to have hands-on experience while working in groups.